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Dental pain can be the most extreme pain. We know dental emergencies can occur at anytime. Thats why our organization was developed. Our national service provides patients access to local dentist that can provide them immideate relief. We are 100% free serivce. To find a local dentist and book an appointment call now!

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Finding a dentist office that has flexible hours that fit around you and your family's busy schedule can be a challenge. Emergency-Dentistry.org provides access to 24-hour emergency dental care access for free. We can match you up with an emergency dentist that can provide the best service in the field. Emergency-Dentistry.org has qualified participating dentists who will provide services to any toothache or pain you may have day or night and weekends. Rest assured our dentists are all licensed, bonded, insured and in great standings with the American Dental Association ADA. Call anytime and we will help schedule an appointment with a dentist closest to you free.

We know accidents can anywhere at anytime. Day, night, weekends and even holidays we have a dentists available 24 hours to help you anytime. Should you find yourself in a situation where you need a dentist after hours or a dentist open on Saturday don't worry we can help. No matter what situation you are in, broken tooth, toothache, need a tooth pulled, really no matter the case we can help find you a dentist anytime. At emergency-dentistry.org we can provide you access to a 24 hour dentist who can provide the best dental care. It's simple to find the best dentist open after hours, simple call the toll-free number and you'll be connected to an expert that will match you with a dentist in your area.

After Hours Pain?
Did you wake up in the middle of the night from sharp tooth pain? Or feel a tooth acting up and starting to ache over the weekend to the point of the pain being unbearable and you're thinking is there a dentist open now? The answer is "yes", simply call and we will find a 24 hour emergency dentist to take care of your dental issue. Finding the best dentist near you can be tough and time consuming, good thing we are here. We can help you find a dentist that accepts your insurance and is available when you are at no cost to you and we can even make the appointment for you. Our service is 100% free and we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our dentists are ready to provide you with treatment when ever you need it. To find a dental office with after hours or weekend hours call the toll-free number and we will find an dentist 24/7 and we can even make the appointment for you.

Are you visiting from out of town and experiencing toothache or tooth pain? Don't worry, at emergency-dentistry.org the history of your procedures is not our focus; we offer an extensive list of emergency dentist that would provide you with services at any time of the day or night even on weekends. We have dentists that speak spanish and many other languages. We have dentists that take all forms insurance plans. We have affordable dentists for those with no insurance. Call our toll-free number and we'll get you connected with the perfect dentist that meets your needs. Relax, we are here to help. Call today!

About Us
There are different reasons to look for emergency dental care. Every so often the pain of an existing problem like a filled cavity, swollen gums or infection in your mouth can be too much to bear. The drugs you would use to relieve your pain are temporary and will wear off. You can find a permanent solution to your pain by calling us. We'll connect you with an urgent dental care provider open all hours of the day. Our emergency dentists are ready to provide you with services and procedures to your dental needs. We can find a 24 hour dentist, make an appointment and schedule your visit in just a few minutes. We are a free dentist matching service. We are here to find a dentist when you need it. Call now and we'll schedule an appointment near you at no cost to you. Our goal is to bring back the smile to your face.